20 Week Level 2 Programs – Equipment Integration


The Elevate system relies on foundational bodyweight work prior to integrating resistance. Once athletes have mastered basic body control, the next iteration is adding equipment, which is both fun & challenging!

Both of the Elevate equipment-based programs begin with revisiting Bodyweight movements in to re-iterate self-awareness and stability. They quickly progress through 4 Elevate System training phases focused on building foundational strength and athleticism while introducing Stability Rings and/or Medicine Balls.

This program includes,

  • Dynamic Preparation
  • Connection & Linkage Exercises
  • Jumping and Landing progressions
  • Upper body Stability & Strength
  • Lower Body Squat and Lunge focus
  • Dynamic Core through Multidirectional Crawling & More!

You will have an option to select from two programs.

  1. Bodyweight & Rings
  2. Bodyweight, Rings & Med-Balls

Once athletes complete these sequences, we encourage teams to consider working with us on developing custom programming to best identify the movements needed in each program.

All Programs include 3 sessions per week and are available for athletes 9 & Up.

**We do not recommend resistance equipment routines for athletes ages 8 & Under but will be happy to work with coaches to develop game-based programming for your younger athletes.