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Course Description

Regardless of this program serving as an introduction to dryland, your swimmers will be challenged through 4 unique training phases centered around movement mastery.

Your program centers around implementing movement patterns that our youngest of swimmers need to learn before moving to the next training group. 

Initially your swimmers will not do any “traditional strength” exercises such as push-ups and lunges. Before moving to specific elements such as those, we need to master Introductory movement patterns. 

This program includes

  • Dynamic Preparation
  • Connection & Awareness Drills
  • Jumping and landing progressions
  • Upper body Stability & Strength progressions
  • Lower body lunge focus as the season progresses
  • Dynamic Core through multidirectional crawling

After you complete this program you can then return to the start of this program and repeat it, purchase the soon to be released Bodyweight Program 1.5, or reach out for a custom plan based on your group’s needs!