Meet Avery Adams

My passion for the sport of swimming goes back to elementary school where I rode my bike to the pool, every-single-day. I soaked up every moment I could throughout my career as an athlete - I was destined to be a swim coach. Through my last sixteen years on deck, I was fortunate to work with talented athletes and coaches from around the country. Through my experience, and a lot of trial & error, I have developed a systematic program that has consistently produced results. Being able to work directly with teams through my dryland programs, individual coaches through consulting options and local swimmers, has been an absolute dream come true.

Coaching services

Our goal is to provide professional coaching for coaches & athletes, elite dryland programming for individuals & teams, while elevating the educational opportunities within the community

20 Week Training Programs

Everything needed at the click of a button. Follow the sets, reps, cues and more to your best season yet.

Custom Programming

Work directly to integrate a full custom program for one group or an entire team, and everything in between.

Consulting Services

Let’s chat! Whether we talk for one hour, or work together for a year, LSC Clinics, Multi-team Clinics and so much more.


Individual Athlete Training

Personalized coaching through app based training, book me for a virtual or in person training session.

The Elevate system

We are not just a “dryland program”.

Here at Elevate, we take a long-term approach to athletic development.

We believe mastering foundational athletic skills and empowering our coaches through education, will yield consistent, sustainable and lasting results.

Whether this is your team’s first venture into dryland, or you’re looking for a full-time dryland coach, there is an option for everyone.

Every Team, Every Level and Every Swimmer


The Elevate Mission

To deliver straight-forward, effective educational programming to coaches, teams and individuals of all ability levels

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